Printable Freebies Page

This page contains a few of the freebies I have created for my blog followers. In return I just ask that you consider signing up to receive email updates from me. That way you’ll know every time I make a new one!

Trip Budget Sheet

This printable freebie I have created for you is great for when you know where you want to travel to next, and you have some idea of which activities you will want to do while you’re there. But you need to know how much it’s going to cost to get you to your destination, and you probably want to know how much all of your tours and excursions will cost you.
Budgeting for your trip is one of the first big steps you have to take when planning out a trip. I personally have been on trips where I did not do any kind of budgeting beforehand, and my bank account was not very happy with me when I got home after that trip. Don’t make the same mistake I did, and be sure not to miss any of your expenses when you use my Trip Budget spreadsheet!
I have added all the expenses I could think of that might come up when you are traveling, and I left some extra room in case there were other things you needed to include as an expense.
Please let me know how this freebie works for you!

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