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Check out my portfolio as well as some easy projects that I have created for anyone to follow along with.

Trying new foods is like an adventure for your taste buds!

I fell in love with traveling just by walking around cities and getting lost because I couldn’t stop following where the city was taking me. This has to be my favorite part of traveling to new places. As long as you have Google maps or a way to get back to where you are staying, there is no sense in staying put when you could be discovering a whole new place.

People, places, new foods, hidden gems, big cities, or small towns, no matter where you go there is a sense of wonder that comes along with visiting a new place. If you let yourself follow that sense of wonder you are sure to find some cool spots anywhere you go. I love that feeling of wanderlust you get from traveling to new places, and I just want to keep chasing that feeling.

I have been a few places, but I would say that I’m still pretty green as a traveler considering all the other places I still want to visit. On Life With Mack I want to recount my experiences, both the pros and cons, in order to help you on your adventures. I also want to hear all about your experiences in the same places, and I would love, love, LOVE, to hear your tips for the places you have been!

Social Media Marketing

I specialize in the influencer marketing of products for businesses. I help product businesses like yours find the perfect influencers that are already tapped into the markets that you need to be in. This way you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about amassing a large social media following to sell. Sit back, and let the influencers market for you. I offer a FREE consultation call, so we can talk about the marketing needs of your business and see how I can help you better reach your target audience.

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If you’d like to contact me about any marketing services that I offer email me at mckalynnb@lifewithmack.com for more information. Or to get started visit my services page to find out more about what I do.

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