This page is a collection of my favorite completed art pieces of mine and a few photos thrown in. I can create commission pieces upon request, and as you can see what I like creating and “specialize” in are pet portraits.

When I start a new pet portrait my main goal is to capture the personality of the pet in the art. I want you to be able to see a little bit of them behind the eyes of the portrait.

This was my first portrait I drew of my dog, Logan, it had been an assignment in my drawing 2 class in college. The assignment was a self portrait or rather something that reflects you. Logan has all these little quirks that remind me of me. Like really, he is definitely my dog.

I chose this photo of him wrapped in my comforter for his portrait.

When the time came the next year my art teacher suggested I enter his portrait in the student art show.

Logan’s Portrait ended up winning the drawing section of the art show that year, and I was so proud!

Originally the portrait wasn’t for sale, but someone offered to buy the piece. I decided to sell it because I wanted this sale to inspire me to create more of the art I love.
This is the second portrait I have created of Logan. I decided to make this one much smaller than the former mainly because I really wanted the medium to be colored pencil, which takes much longer than graphite.

Logan loves playing with and chasing bubbles, so I had this idea of a portrait where he’s watching them right before he decides to chomp. I also love the face that dogs make when they are looking at something really close to their face so they go a little cross-eyed.

All that is what inspired this portrait. I am in love with the end result, so this portrait I will probably always keep for myself.

This is the second cat portrait I have created to date, and I feel like I finally found my groove with this one. I used watercolor to lay down a base of color and then used colored pencils to add more details. Typically the latest portrait I have created become my favorite, and that stands true with this one.

This portrait is of Max. She’s the kitty of a dear friend, so I created this for her birthday last year. I really want to continue to hone my skills of watercolor and colored pencil used together for portraits, and I can’t wait to see what else I can create.

This portrait is of my grandmother’s cat, his name is Kitty. They adopted him many years ago when he was a stray that would come to their house for food. He was sweet enough to come inside, but he was still wild. needing outside time to run and jump and kill.

He’s become a little softer in the middle since they took him in, but he’s still fast enough to catch and leave birds on the porch for my grandparents every now and then.

This colored pencil portrait of Mr. Kitty was a birthday/Christmas present for my grandmother last year.

This is the only portrait I have ever created of a cat, and it made me realize I love their features, and I definitely want to draw more!

This portrait is of my late rabbit Einstein, he was a Mini Rex who lived to be about 6 years old. I had him since he was a baby, and I got him when I was a Sophomore in high school.

I drew this from a photo of him playing the grass in my front yard. Eventually I would like to add clovers to the bottom of the portrait surrounding his feet. Colored pencil drawing especially ones this size, take so long!! I entered this one in the student art show as well even though it wasn’t totally finished in my eyes.

My Grandpa Rick is probably the largest supporter of my art. He loves having photos to show friends, and he posts them online to show me off. I have always appreciated having this kind of outright support from him. He asked me one day about creating a portrait of a bald eagle for him, so we sent some photos back and forth and talked about some ideas. He had the best idea! He asked if I could have the eagle clutching his families tartan.

With that amazing idea I got started on the 24 inch wide portrait. My advice is that you don’t start a portrait of a bird unless you’re really committed because the feathers are an insane task just in themselves. But I love the way it turned out. This portrait is also a watercolor and I used colored pencils to add details.

If you’re interested in a pet or animal portrait from me, message me to get started. A portrait can take up to 6 weeks to create, so keep that in mind when ordering. For an extra fee I can have it ready in 4 weeks.

I would love to work with you on making your pet portrait come to life!