Where to Shop in Paris

Where to Shop in Paris

Paris is truly a city for lovers, dreamers, and artists alike, but maybe most of all Paris is for the shoppers. My time in Paris was short, but of course, we made time to spend a day eating and shopping throughout the city. When going to a new city it’s so fun to people watch and pay attention to what they do as locals, what they eat, and what they wear. It’s not hard to notice fashion trends when traveling in new cities, and of course, the trends are so different from what you might be used to at home, which makes it easy to go home with a fun new eye-catching outfit to show off.


As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris has to get rid of its inventory twice a year, and this is when you’ll find the biggest sales going on all over the city. In January and July, many Parisian stores have sales of up to 70% trying to get clothes out the door, and when I say many of the stores I mean almost all of them.

The thing I loved about shopping in Paris was the options you have throughout the city, whereas when I shop at home I feel like I only visit 3 or 4 stores if that. Of course, you have a lot of high-end stores to choose from, and there are also many options for anyone not looking to spend a lot of money, which were where I was. 😉


Visiting Paris in July means it’s probably going to be pretty hot, so I noticed lots of people wearing linen clothes and things that were loose and didn’t cling to them. One of my favorite things I saw being worn were the loose-fitted/flowing capris the women were wearing, so I found myself a pair of them in like a pretty burnt ochre color. I wore them on the plane home and they are so comfy and cute! I also noticed women wearing loose shorts of kind of the same material, but I didn’t find a pair that I loved. 😑


I kept seeing girls in short frayed light-washed denim skirts, and I wanted one so bad. Luckily I found one! Keep in mind the sizes may run a little small in some shops, so try to go in knowing your size because the lines for the dressing rooms were long in most places, and I just feel like life is too short for that lol. A lot of the shops had selections of full-body jumpsuits, and I just took that as a sign to get one since I didn’t have one yet, and I wore it to dinner later that night! 😁




Those are just a few of the awesome finds I bought, and all of the shops I found were on the Rue de Rivoli. I only let myself into four or five stores because I flew through my budget for shopping pretty quickly with all the cute options. The great part about the shopping too was that once you find the part of town with the shops the cutest ones I found were all right across from each other, so if you take a taxi or the bus you won’t have to walk much and it’s close to the river and Notre Dame.


I think shopping is a fun activity to do on the last day you visit a city, so you see if there are any styles people are wearing that you like. Another way to shop in a new city is to pack very lightly and buy new outfits the first day or two to wear throughout your trip. When we were in Barcelona and then again in Paris we packed too many clothes and then went shopping and our bags were overflowing on the way home. Packing light seems to be the way to go if you’re going to shop.

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