Hiking Authur’s Seat in Edinburgh

Let me begin by saying that out of the few countries I have visited along with their big cities, I think I have to say that Edinburgh was my favorite big city that I have visited so far.

When we planned the trip we looked at cheap round-trip flights out of Dublin, and of course Scotland came up with the cheapest flights. I was really excited to go to Ireland from what my friend had told me all about her time studying abroad there, but when we planned the second week of the trip we didn’t really know where we wanted to go.

We looked at flights out of Dublin, and unsurprisingly Scotland came up with the cheapest round-trip flights. Our options were either Glasgow or Edinburgh for about the same price, and honestly I knew absolutely nothing about either city, but we had to pick. I think I remember seeing that Edinburgh is right on the coast of Scotland, and that was the deciding factor. I didn’t read anything about the city before we went, and we had nothing planned before we got there.

View of Calton Hill, Arthur’s Seat, and Holyrood Park in Edinburgh Scotland

I definitely have a goal this year to stop traveling like this, but I also have a lot of fun just winging it during my travels.

When you look down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh you can see the ocean in the distance, so on our first full day in Edinburgh we walked towards the water to see where it took us. We ended up at Holyrood Park where Aurthur’s Seat is. The park is just the beautiful open field with this large hill or maybe even small mountain in the middle. Holyrood Abbey is also part of the park, and they offer free tours of the ruins.

Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill in Edinburgh Scotland

On a later day of our trip we definitely wanted to go back and hike Arthur’s Seat.

The hike isn’t long at all, so if you don’t have much endurance I wouldn’t worry because it took us probably 15 or 20 minutes to get to the top of Aurthur’s Seat. The hike is kind of steep and rocky. It was almost like doing lunges at some points of the hike. I was definitely feeling winded on the way to the top. Don’t worry I understand how bad that sounds, and I know I should be in better shape. This hike is really not bad, and the view is beautiful the whole way up.

Once you make it to the top it is so worth it! You have a 360 degree view of the city of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, and let me tell you it is breathtaking! You can see everything from the beach and ocean to Edinburgh’s castle along with the Scott Monument, and many more of the city’s popular destinations.

View of Edinburgh, Scotland from Arthur’s Seat

Edinburgh is known for being the greenest city in the UK I’m talking about trees that is. There are actually more trees than there are people living in the city of Edinburgh. As soon as you arrive you will see what I mean by this. Hands down it is the greenest and most developed city I have ever been to foliage wise. The top of Authur’s Seat gives you a marvelous view of the lovely green city of Edinburgh.

View of Edinburgh, Scotland from Arthur’s Seat

This is a nice quick activity you could plan before lunch one day during your trip. I’m realizing how much I love being active during my trips, so Arthur’s Seat is great if you’re looking to get moving during your trip.

On the way back down we took a detour to check out the ruins of Saint Anthony’s Chapel, which are right off to the side of the trail. The ruins make for a cool little spot to take photos. Next time I visit I really want to make the hike before sunrise to get some amazing photos.

I hope you try hiking Arthur’s Seat when you visit the amazing city of Edinburgh.

Safe travels!

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