5 Reasons to Consider Influencer Marketing

When I started working with influencers I don’t think I understood the power behind the marketing force that comes with using the right influencers to market for your business. I started influencer marketing on a small team for a YouTuber, who had previously worked as an influencer, that was starting a product line of her own.

She needed to find people with similar audiences to market her new products to more people than her audience could reach. That’s where I came in.

My job was to search the social media sea of people with separate Instagrams for their hobby, and I was in charge of finding the ones who were serious enough to join the team, and create great content for the products.

There is a process that I discovered to getting in front of the influencers that you need for your business. In the coming month’s I will be coming out with a series of posts going over how you can harness the power of influencer marketing to grow your business, brand, or product sales, which is what we all need a little more of.

Why Influencer Marketing

I’m here to help you with a low cost intro to marketing without paying out growing ad prices for your campaigns. Maybe you’re not sure why your ads aren’t working, and you don’t know who exactly is seeing your ads. With influencer marketing you know exactly who your ads will be seen by, and how they will engage with your product. You’re going to be able to check in on posts, and you as the brand owner can engage with people interested in your products/services.

It’s Growing!

Influencer marketing is growing faster than any other marketing channel, and Instagram is where it’s happening. Don’t get me wrong there are influencers marketing everywhere else, blogs, YouTube, and Facebook too, but they pale in comparison to the growth that’s being seen on Instagram through influencer marketing. If you can find the perfect influencer on the channel you need, and even if it’s not Instagram, but it is right for your audience, that is where you want to be.

Consider Their Influence

Let’s talk about their influence, they are influencers after all. Each person with a good-sized following on social media didn’t usually get there by accident. They set intentions and they built something, and you have to have respect for the grind and hard work they put in to get where they are.

Especially if you are just starting out, like a startup or small business, influencers can be a very powerful and beneficial marketing tactic for your brand. The right influencer has the power to put your brand in front of your target audience before you have even set up your social media pages. The more established and reputable your brand is the more help an influencer is going to be in boosting your business and sales. Also the larger influencers will be more willing to work with you.

Less Work For You

Whether you are paying the influencers on your team, or you have worked out a mutually beneficial marketing plan, their content is going to take work off your plate. You will be able to reuse their content for your product or service when marketing on social media. Your influencers are going to take time out of their day to create content for you, which is what they do professionally, so it’s going to be great content. As a business owner, time is money, and you need to start investing in yourself in a way that gives you more time to work on what makes you most productive for you business/life. Believe in your business enough to let the pros create content for you, so you can do what you do best!

They Have Trust — You Need It

The influencers you find already have an audience that trusts them. That’s your audience! You need an in with them! And you know that if you can just get your products in front of them they will love it and they will love you. But how are you going to do that without spending months of time and money growing your social profiles and putting money behind ad campaigns before these buyers notice you and your brand. You just need the in with one person instead of thousands. Doesn’t that sound much easier and less daunting?!

An influencer has created a following of people who trust them, and the last thing they want to do is mess with that trust. You have to give them something that builds on that already existing trust and grows it. The more it will help the trust between them and their audience the more enticing your offer will be for them to market for you.


Once you find an influencer who loves your product, you have their review in the bag, and it’s yours forever. You can put your name on that, and it’s now yours to show your audience and potential customers that this person that people trust, LOVES your product. That, my friend, is evergreen content that businesses are always in need of. You will want to make sure you have somewhere to show off testimonials and reviews from customers. That way people interested in what you do have a place to see what others think of your business.

All in all the right influencer added to your team has a ton of potential if you’re willing to do the research and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship.

Your Influencer Marketing Needs

I’m here to help you with your social media marketing needs. I want to teach you how to take marketing your business into your own hands. I can help you save time and money while growing your business. To learn more, look out for my influencer course launch coming up. If you’re not interested in doing any of this yourself contact me, and let’s see if I can help you get it done!

Want to add influencers to your team? Let’s find the right influencers for you!

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